Tuesday, 16 December 2014

What are the Benefits of Uniqueness as a Team Member?

Do you recognise your own uniqueness and that of those people around you? Because you are, we are each and every one of us unique and special and will never be repeated again. We build up this uniqueness from the time when we are born, embodying new qualities and abilities and conversely some of us lose our way for a while during testing times. Testing times may be used as opportunities to grow stronger, as if we don't break, we become richer and wiser for the experience. 
The topic today is regarding recognising our uniqueness when working within a team, which perhaps our job entails or we may be on a voluntary team or committee, which brings us into these situations. Also stressful times such as those leading up to Christmas each year, stretch us and can be uplifting, difficult, rewarding or all of those and more.
Team work is enhanced by each individual member embracing and appreciating his or her own uniqueness, whilst being adaptable and able to look at other people’s views and ideas. Being unique dedicated and loyal yet one would say positive qualities, still may work in a more negative way, creating attachments, projection, desires and expectations, both of one’s self and others.
What are your goals and how do they rely on other people with teams or groups in which you belong? Those people with whom you class as equals may resonate on some levels however because we are complex creatures, and with time as it is, that feeling of resonating with another may be short lived or valid in some ways but not others.
Do you see yourself as the most unique and irreplaceable spoke in the wheel, because in truth, a wheel is supported by equal spokes and so you are really one of many. Each one is holding the hub together and of equal length. Let us hope that the hub is a strong one, enabling its spokes to connect in a strong way.
Working in groups, on teams and in committees can bring feelings of purpose and satisfaction, conversely depending on individual members, it can be excruciating, exasperating and still extremely rewarding.
Perchance this brings up feelings then you can turn it around, make lemonade out of lemons. The truth, first primary perspective looking through your lens, is to get a job done, create harmony and be a good team person, possible with strong organisational skills.
The first thing you can do in working in a group is to hold complete self-acceptance, and secondly, to take responsibility for your feelings and actions, instead of blaming others. Every one person has true uniqueness and there will never be a similar one living on the earth. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, which is magnificent, which brings a richness if we allow it into various situations and projects.
What has worked for me when feeling a clash of personalities or disagreement with others, is to recognise and take responsibility for the fact that I am being triggered, then to choose gratitude for the situation. This gives me the opportunity to embody appreciation, tolerance and enables me to clear it within me instead of thinking and feeling it is all somebody’s else’s fault.
Throughout life, we can so easily become stuck in our ways and generally life draws us into situations for a reason, which may be trivial or quite deep. So what we can do is to examine our expectations and see if it is because we have maybe been too fixed, not rolling with the flow of adaptability. Some people are very good at this, they do not make something out of nothing or conjure up reasons etc, dreaming up all sorts of imaginary stuff like some people do. I have also found that when I put people into boxes in my mind, I am unable to see them fresh and continue to meet them in an old way, when in fact they are, as I am every changing and growing. Having ourselves and others in boxes prevents us from holding a clarity of vision and freshness in each and every day.
I have things that work for me which assist energetic clearing on a daily basis and there are probably many ways of dealing with situations, whatever works for you or the Universe draws to you for a time would no doubt be just right. If on the other hand you feel to connect with me for a complimentary short chat about whatever, then please ring or email me, contact details are on my Laughter For Living website.
If you feel you would like to enquire how a laughter session, perhaps ending with some relaxation, that would be great also for you to experience it and for me to share one with you.
Love and Laughter
Lynette Mitchell xo

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