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Wellness Presenters at the Swift Health and Fitness Summit - 26 October 2014

Presenters at the Swift Health and Fitness Summit

I had the pleasure of attending the Swift Health and Fitness Summit on Sunday afternoon, sharing a short laughter session in the lunchtime period. It was a very impressive day and I felt to share about the three speakers who I heard during the afternoon. Firstly this is the 2nd year for the summit, which is put on by Leanne Hamilton of Swift Fitness. There were 60 exhibitors there, all sharing their products which are good and healthy in their own ways. You can check up about the program here, which will give you an idea about what to expect if you decide to do it in 2015. The reason I felt to share is that someone reading this may also resonate with one of these people or subjects and want to connect with them, either now or later on.

Nicole Bijlsma, from Building Biology.

Firstly we had Nicole Bijlsma, from Healthy Homes. Nicole is quite famous, having been interviewed 12 times on television as well as numerous radio segments and is Melbourne based, someone in what I imagine is a new field, building biology. She is called in to help mostly when there is sickness and uncovers sources of toxicity in homes, whether it be mould, dust, electromagnetic fields, plastics, chemicals water and more. She has written a book which I bought and find to be an easy and very informative read Healthy Home Healthy Family, which is published by Joshua Books. It can be found on her website.

Chris Price from OD on Movement in Windsor.

Next I got an insight into how necessary it would be and reminded how we do not, move our bodies in many ways, as it is mostly forwards and backwards. This is all about intelligent, or mindful movement. Chris Price from OD on Movement had us doing some simple movements and before that, we did a little exercise with a partner, showing how we resisted when the partner was gently pushing us, in order to maintain our balance. After the few simple exercises when we did the partner exercise again, our body was holding an inner core strength and certainty and resisting in a natural flowing way, quite different than before. Chris has some exercises are available to be downloaded from his website by clicking and signing up for access. I loved how Chris explained that we are in the middle of the age of immobility, with sitting taking up the majority of our day and we need to find simple intelligent movements to mobilise the joints, muscles and connective tissue, which helps to up-regulate the brain and nervous system and so improve our health and feel better. You know the much repeated saying, ‘if you don’t use it, you will lose it’.

I personally keep exercising with walking and some hatha yoga before bedtime. I can do more and will look into the DVDs that are available on Chris’s website.

Elizabeth Stewart from Nourishing Food Psychology

The third speaker who impressed me also, as once again, I did not know this type of person existed, was Elizabeth Stewart. I could resonate with Elizabeth, because I have like her, had issues with eating and weight. Many people use food as a means by either over or under eating, which avoid the real issues which may stem from low feelings of self worth or perhaps not wanting to face and feel our feelings. Elizabeth has written a book, “Nourishing your Heart and Soul’ which I also bought and find easy to read, which shares her story of binge eating. It is a very colourful, high quality recipe book. I feel that many of us would benefit by connecting with Elizabeth, who is a psychology food coach and nutritionalist. “Eating Psychology Coaching is an exciting and cutting edge approach developed by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. It effectively addresses weight concerns, binge eating, overeating, body image challenges, and various nutrition related health issues.”

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