Monday, 2 February 2015

How Real and Unique Are You? More About our Uniqueness and How Beliefs Effect our Eating.

How real are you? We are all bound by our beliefs and patterning that we take on, which develop us from an early age. We will be led through experiences and at times it will be imperative to move on, when something has become outworn, when we have received the wisdom from that thing we have been involved in. Do you know what I mean? We have an experience and as energy is always changing, our perception, our feelings, thoughts, the effect it has upon us, will as a general rule be different as no moment is frozen in time. Japanese Dr Masaru Emoto has conducted incredible scientific research photographing frozen water crystals. His research proves how human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water and the unique patterns that are formed as a consequence I once heard that each piece of broken glass is unique and can never repeated in exactly the same pattern.
We are also unique, nobody else in the world has had exactly the same past experiences that we have had and we are changing, like the plants which grow, we are changing. Our bodies replenish themselves, every cell in our body, every 7 years. If we look around, we will find people disrespecting their bodies. Some of us are health fanatics, or at least aware and do eat healthily.
Imagine this, we think we are eating healthy, because it might be what we are used to, that our families have eaten, is familiar. Drop into another time, another place in your life and what do you see? Have your eating habits changed? Is that for the better or is it more out of convenience or according to your budget? I have seen people who hardly eat a thing and others who somehow survive without eating any fruit or vegetables. Yet does our body not need to eat certain food groups to be able to live long and healthy? That is certainly what we have been led to believe by the medical profession and in the media.
If we abuse our body, with overeating, under eating, eating the ‘wrong’ food, we will undoubtedly pay the price. We can get away with it for a certain time but we do become what we eat, we become what we think too. Ideally we will nourish our body, calming down and being mindful as we eat, taking time, eating with gratitude, even placing our hands over our food and blessing it before eating. I suggest a review of your food habits and always it is up to you if you choose to, set in place some improvements. It need not be radical, rather a step in the right direction to that of eating to live and not living to eat. We can enjoy what we eat, however when we eat socially, the tendency is to let caution be thrown to the wind. We eat what we know is not good for us and overeat, stretching our tummies, causing a strain on our digestion, which may have already been under stress before the meal. Then afterwards we feel uncomfortable, followed by the next day maybe being more lethargic. A good remedy to the social overeating is to balance it out with lighter meals the following day or either side of the big one. There are many options too, you will know what is best for you, such as less carbs and more fruit and vegies.
This is all rather interesting and very much from my own experience, it may resonate with you, dear reader, or not. I find that we are not alone and if we have one problem or issue to overcome and generate new ideas, we are experiencing something similar to many other people around about. The body is a temple to house our spirit, that thing which drives us on to never give up and to be inspired to grow, learn, improve, share and live a loving and useful life. It deserves better treatment by most of us most of the time. In time we can and will live more holistically and in so doing, learn to love ourselves more, to appreciate this opportunity that we have right here, right now. We do not have to change any more or at all if we are satisfied with the way we are. Or we may become more conscious of our body and its needs and live in it more like a good friend, working together in great harmony for the best possible outcome. You can begin with the food that you eat, and incorporate other healthful balancing activities as you see fit.

Disclaimer: This post is written from my personal understanding and experience and is not to be misconstrued in any way. Advice given is general and as I am not a medical doctor, take no responsibility for how it is received, my intention is that articles will be supportive and assist in living a more holistic life.

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