Thursday, 7 May 2015

Combining Nature and Laughter Yoga

Nature and Laughter Yoga are both extremely high up on the list of important parts of my life and I felt to write this blog as a reminder for you of the benefits of being connected with nature in its many forms in one's life. Bringing more nature into our lives strengthens our feelings of peace and inner connection with our own divinity. The elements, fire, wind, earth and water also hold the power when we mindfully connect to bring us down out of our heads and internal planning, non-stop thinking (for those of us who can relate to that) and help us to connect with our heart.
How conscious are we of the elements and nature and how respectful are we of being in relating and appreciating every aspect of their presence in our lives? As above, so below and as without, so within. This can equally relate to the relationship with our own self, how aware are we and do we live with the respect that our body, who is host to a spiritual presence within, most eminently deserves?
I received the following link to a video, which is a beautiful reminder to raise our awareness to a spiritual presence existing, by whatever name you understand that presence to be. Enjoy God Whispers to Me video.
In living with laughter yoga a major part of my life, I have found a stronger awareness through all the silly laughter exercises we do, with nature and the inter-connectedness of everything on earth and beyond. We generally do laughs involving animals and birds, sometimes the elements, imagining the wind blowing our bodies, or swimming through the water.
Do you want to do a laughter exercise or two? I will share some possibilities with you and perhaps you could ask someone else in to do them with you. When you do, be mindful, just for the fun and awareness of it, check our emotional, mental and grounded state before doing them and then ascertain how they are after doing the exercises (if you choose to of course).
As I have been writing it has flowed the subtle meanings beneath the frequently perceived silliness of doing laughter exercises for no reason. On a deeper level laughing can be very powerful and enriching, besides giving us many health benefits from doing it. We are able to grow, release deeper things and become more in touch with our own essence.
Kookaburra Laugh: The Kookaburra, the male makes a ka ka sound and the female a koo koo. We can try this and also the normal  oooo oooo ahah ahah sounds. The nature of the Kookaburra is loud, expressive, confident, aggressive and this is a good one to do when we need to find our voice. At times we can feel ourselves wimpy, having difficulty in speaking up and expressing ourselves, maybe feeling small and what we have to say is not worthwhile. Throw yourself into this one with a robustness of spirit and see and feel if it gives you an experience of it being okay to express yourself, no matter how that is, to not judge it, be it and do it and everything is okay with you!
Ducks Waddling Laugh: A mother duck waddling along a path with her ducklings following, cheep, cheep, so cute. One can be the mother and the rest the ducklings, which gives you the feeling of either the protected mother or the dependant little ducklings. We used to do this a lot when at the Boronia Arboretum, where there would be ducks breeding and how cute were those little baby ducks, staying close to their mother. Sometimes we need to be a firm but gentle leader and at others, compliant followers. Our internal spirit would benefit by our personality being compliant to it’s higher inspirations.
Tree and Wind Laugh: Imagine yourself as different types of trees, being blown by the wind. The oak tree would be strong and stiff, with the branches moving a little, otherwise very firmly grounded with roots deep into the earth. What other type of tree springs to mind? The bendy types will yield in the wind and not have a strong resistance to the wind element. This gives me the impression of the times when I need to be strong, firmly rooted into the earth, having strong boundaries and others when it is right to be perfectly adaptable, working together with others, yielding my egoic drive, coming from a place of spirit and wisdom.
Penguins Rushing to Water: Form a line and walk like a waddling penguin up to a pretend water line. Then hesitate, turn and waddle back to where you started. Do this three times and on the third time, all jump in and pretend to swim. This is a good laugh for how it relates to being with other people in groups, doubts before jumping in and being involved. We usually on the third attempt say positive things to the other, like ‘come on, you can do it’.
I often like to finish my blog posts with posing a question to you, the reader to ponder and this time it is to ask yourself if you enjoy and benefit from nature, be it walking, gardening or whatever brings you that connection? Are you doing enough, as it is particularly beneficial to embrace nature on a daily basis, as it is to laugh daily also.
I wish you well and am here for the connecting with you. Lots of big love. xo

Disclaimer: This post is written from my personal understanding and experience and is not to be misconstrued in any way. Advice given is general and as I am not a medical doctor, take no responsibility for how it is received, my intention is that articles will be supportive and assist in living a more holistic life.

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